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Why a markingmeasure?

Previously when we learnt to measure, we were first taught to convert the length into a number of measurement units. We then had to remember or note down the measurement units to then reconvert the number of measurement units to the original length. In order to do this we needed light at the measuring site and on the workpiece as well as access in order to keep the eye at a suitable reading distance and at the right angle from the measurement points. The tools needed were some sort of scale and a pen or the like to mark out the measured length by hand.
The above analysis of the old measurement method demonstrates that it takes along time to learn, is complicated and produces unreliable results.


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Using markingmeasure the length between the combined marking and measurement edges is set in the same way as on Vernier callipers. The length is locked and then transferred to the workpiece using the marking edges to scribe out the set length.

The extender, with its combined marking and measuring edge, makes the TALMETER a universal measuring instrument that can effortlessly measure inside and outside measurements.